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About us

The ESPEFA Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Worker Cooperative was established on the date of 9 September 1946 in Kraków at Św Jana 2 under the name of ATOM Pharmaceuticals Worker Cooperative under the initiative of masters of pharmacy Stanisław Szymański, Aleksander Kaszycki, and Jan Szustow. On this date, 10 masters of pharmacy joined the Cooperative as founding members.

In the years 1946 – 1947, the Cooperative subject to organisation in order to open a galenic laboratory and determine the production profile. The galenic laboratory launched production of all kinds of syrups and tinctures, Java ginger, fluid for calluses, salicylic spirit, Burow’s tablets, and sulfathiazole in tablets.

On 23 April of 1949, the General Meeting adopted the resolution on changing the name from the former ATOM to ESPEFA Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals Worker Cooperative.

In the yas a deluge of competitiveears 1950 – 1975, ESPEFA launched or contributed to the launch of production of 11 new drugs and 8 chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates.

The Cooperative did not benefit from leased and dispersed locations. The demand for the products manufactured by ESPEFA on the Polish market rose during this time and the manageas a deluge of competitivement attempted to start construction of an appropriate manufacturing plant in order to increase drug production capacities. The investment covered development of two new connected buildings. The new facility was put into use on 2 January of 1989. With its own production plant, the enterprise had higher production and developmental stability.

The sales and service pavilion – housing the Commercial Department and Drug Wholesale Department – was opened in October 1993.

The gradually progressing plant expansion allowed for successive modernisation of equipment and technology. State-of-the-art tablet and liquid production lines and blistering and packaging lines were launched.

Today, ESPEFA is an innovative pharmaceuticals manufacturer and the private property of the Cooperative’s members. The Cooperative owes its technological, manufacturing, and economic accomplishments to its professional staff. The experienced executives ensure the quality of the manufactured drugs and are always doing everything in their power to implement new technologies and pharmaceuticals.


The reputation of ESPEFA in the pharmaceuticals industry is evidenced in its awards and distinctions:


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